ML Tukums.1. Large Medium  Tukums municipality was established on 1 July 2009. It consists of Tukums town and 10 parishes: Degole, Džūkste, Irlava, Jaunsāti, Lestene, Pūre, Sēme, Slampe, Tume, and Zentene.
Tukums municipality shares a border with Roja, Talsi, Kandava, Jaunpils, Dobele, Jelgava, Babīte, and Engure municipalities, as well as the city of Jūrmala.
Tukums municipality covers 1194 km2. As regards its area, Tukums municipality is the largest municipality in Riga planning region and the eleventh largest municipality in Latvia.
Tukums municipality is the third largest municipality in the country in relation to the number of inhabitants. According to the data of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs 31 290 inhabitants were registered in Tukums municipality as on 1 January 2016. Decrease in the number of inhabitants has been observed in the municipality during the previous years. In comparing data as on 1 January 2015 and 1 January 2016, the number of inhabitants in Tukums municipality has decreased by 376. The largest number of inhabitants reside in Tukums town – 18 923, the lowest number of inhabitants is still in Zentene parish – 532.

There are 9 active pre-school educational establishments in the municipality (including one private establishment and one establishment implementing special pre-school educational programmes), 14 general education establishments (including four secondary schools, one grammar school, one evening and correspondence secondary school, five basic schools, one primary school, and two basic boarding schools implementing special educational programmes); vocationally oriented education may be acquired in three vocationally oriented schools – Tukums Music School, Tukums Art School, and Tukums Sports School.

The cultural life of the municipality is organised by the local government, its institutions and employees, as well as inhabitants themselves. The network of cultural infrastructure and services of the municipality consists of libraries, cultural centres, and a museum with seven units.
There are 14 libraries and 11 cultural centres in the municipality: Cultural Centre of Tukums Town, Hall of Tradition of Degole Parish, Cultural Centre of Džūkste Parish, Cultural Centre of Irlava Parish, Cultural Centre of Slampe Parish, People’s Centre of Jaunsāti Parish, People’s Centre of Lestene Parish, Cultural Centre of Pūre Parish, People’s Centre of Sēme Parish, Cultural Centre of Tume Parish, and Cultural Centre of Zentene Parish. Cultural/people’s centres of Tukums municipality provide home for 83 amateur groups.
Tukums Museum also includes Tukums Museum of Art, Durbe Manor House, Art Gallery “Durvis”, History Museum of Tukums Town “Castle Tower”, Tukums Weaver’s Workshop, Pastariņš Museum, and Džūkste Fairy Tale Museum. Units of Tukums Museum independently carry out tasks of research and educating work.
The network of sports and active recreational infrastructure in Tukums municipality consists of special sports objects (sports halls, stadiums, parks, etc.), sports objects of educational establishments accessible not only to the pupils of the establishments, and also objects of the sports environment within facilitated territories, as well as modernised bike paths, pedestrian paths, and other paths. Tukums Ice Hall, complex and stadium of Tukums Sports School, and Irlava Sports Centre are the largest objects of sports infrastructure in Tukums municipality.

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