Joint Dispatch Service (24 hours)

Secretary of the Board

pasts [at]

For more convenient and faster exchange of information and receipt of services, we recommend using electronic means of communication:

  • by sending an electronically signed document to the official e-mail address of the municipality,
  • by sending the application using the Services section of the website or the portal

Guide "How to formally contact the institution electronically?"

If document is prepared in a free form, it must be drawn up in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 473 and must be signed with a secure electronic signature. The local government shall send a notice to the submitter regarding the receipt of the electronic document to the electronic mail address from which the document was sent within one working day.

Members of the Tukums County Council can apply for admission by calling the Secretary of the Office by telephone +371 63122231+371 29288876