In case of an accident call 112

Number 110 – intended for those cases when the population needs immediate police assistance - in case of a serious threat to public order, a crime or a traffic accident.

Medical emergency

Number 113 – from mobile and landline phones

Electrical fault reporting 8404; 8403
Latvian gas 114
Latvian propane gas 80000404
Firefighting and rescue 112

Zemgale Region Brigade of the State Fire and Rescue Service Tukums Branch

Address: Tukums, Raina Street 24, LV-3101
Phone: +371 63107314

Zemgale Regional Office of the State Police Tukums District

Address: Tukums, Brīvības laukums 19, LV-3101
Phone: +371 63104111

Tukums district dispatching service 8881

The dispatcher’s toll-free telephone is available 24 hours a day. The service was established at the Tukums municipality municipal police, it operates under the authority of the municipal police chief, is in direct contact with the municipal police patrol service and all Tukums municipality economic services. Each citizen's report on system damage (water supply, sewerage, electricity supply, waste management, road traffic and surveillance, public order and other reports) will be heard.

Tukums Municipal Police

Phone in the office at Pils Street 18 +371 63125050; Mobile phone +371 26125050

Tukums hospital

Address: Tukums, Raudas Street 8, LV-3101
Admission section  +371 63123080
Polyclinic reception  +371 63122209

Family doctor consultation phone +371 66016001

Free information phone of the National Health Service 80001234

Dispatcher service of the house manager SIA "Tukuma nami" +371 63122330
Water supply and sewerage, heat supply

House manager SIA "Jauntukums" dispatching service +371 63120579
Water supply and sewerage, heat supply

Tukuma busstation +371 63122300


Railway station "Tukums - 1"  +371 63116249

Traffic Information Center (SIC)​​​​​​​ 
free 24 - hour information phone – 80005555

Pet (dog, cat) shelter "Chihuahua"  +371 26227913; +371 26885916