The city of Tukums was first mentioned in writings in 1445. On November 27, 1795, the Russian Empress Catherine II signed an oasis on the establishment of the Tukums district with the center in Tukums. The first mayor of Tukums from 1796 to 1804 was Ungern von Sternberg.

The city limits were approved in 1800, but six years later the first school was opened. In 1860, the first cobbled streets appeared in the city. In 1875, the first street lighting appeared. In 1877, the railway line Riga - Tukums was opened. In 1923, electrification of the city began. In 1955, the asphalting of the city's main streets began. 

In 1837, the coat of arms of Tukums was approved for the first time, for the second time in 1925 by the President, and for the third time on April 14, 2007.

In 1995, the first Tukums City Festival took place.